Marcos’ Non-Heroes Burial in the Non-Heroes, Heroes Cemetery

Imagine the irony.  The SC allowing the administration to interr a non-hero in a real estate  referred to be a heroes memorial despite affirming the fact that the non-hero has had (still have) ill-gotten wealth and the government still maintaining a PCGG dedicated to recover the same, and its congress having passed a law compensating the non-heroes’ victims.  And let’s not even touch on the fake war exploits.

The flash burial last Friday was a scandal in the sense that it had to be done in a flash, a replica (or fake) body had to be in the Laoag, a coffin so small, and the antis never had the chance to at least disrupt it.

If I were to draw something positive in these events is the fact that the discussion on history, particularly marcos’ misdeeds and the mistakes committed post marcos, have become everyday topics again.  For a long while, this has become an issue confined to martial law babies and its victims.  The younger generation have distanced themselves from this and worse, have become apathetic.

Hopefully, in the future, whoever gets to sit in Malacanang (whether another Marcos or another Aquino or any other surname) will have been elected by a much more wiser and more informed electorate.



Du30: Alternative Reality

The recent non-scuffle between Obama and Du30 may have been by design.

The US through its myriad of spokespersons have declared that they will bring up with Du30 the issue on human rights and extra-judicial killings in the Philippines’ war on drugs.  Du30 has been pretty clear, both verbally and in his body language, that when it comes to the war on drugs, human rights is fair game.

The alternative reality in all of these is that, could it be that Du30 wants to avoid a one-on-one meeting with Obama to avoid having to articulate his defense on the human rights issue on his war on drugs?

Humor me.  As mentioned, the US has declared its stand on the human rights issue and that Obama will surely bring it up with our Du30.  And Du30 is pretty defensive on this point.  With the question posed on him prior to his Laos trip, might he responded the way he did to to discourage Obama ever having to meet with him?

If he is able to evoke a certain amount of hostility on the issue, he might be able to create a scenario where; 1.  Obama will avoid discussing it altogether or 2.  Obama cancelling the meeting to avoid a confrontation.

As luck would have it, the latter happened.  Damage control mode immediately when into high gear.  Apologies were said.  Result; Du30 momentarily, damaged, reinforced his brash talking reputation but also presented a softer and humbler side by apologising, redemption (or seems to be so).