Marcos Burial Protesters and BBM’s Presidential Ambition

Never give up on the youth.  This statement rings true in light of the past protests of several days.  In large part, the youth (mostly millennials) provided the warm bodies for these protest actions not only in Manila but in all major cities in the country.

While most of these millennials confined themselves into being social media activists in the past, they have decided to walk their talk.  What changed?  The Marcos burial has been announced early on so it was not at all a surprise that it was to be implemented eventually.  When the SC decided for the burial, these millennials were still stuck to their computers satisfied with just their commentaries on social media.

And yet, a lot of these millennials are not even anti-marcos and even more so, anti-marcos burial at LNMB.  “Move On” was some of their adopted arguments.  I would even venture to say that BBM benefitted from votes coming from this demographic.

So, if I may ask again, what changed?  What was the tipping point that these millennials have become motivated to come out and walk the streets that their forebears used to tread?  What triggered that from being “move on” advocates, they have become “never again” chanters?

It was not the Marcos LNMB burial decision per se, but the the sneaky fashion that it was done that did it for them.  “Like a thief in the night” was an apt statement that coincided with the belief that Marcos was a thief when he was alive, and now even with his burial.  Even fence sitters could not help but yell and say “Anyare?”.

But another equally significant factor is the fact that these “kids” have not identified themselves with a specific advocacy that they can call their own.  They have not been impassioned enough to any single cause unlike the generations before them who had EDSA.

They have not reached their political awakening, until now.

Ones political awakening come at different times and can happen multiple times in ones lifetime.  Back in the day, the youth had an early political awakening with the declaration of Martial Law.  Some, like Jesse Robredo for example, had his with Ninoy’s assassination in ’83.

This time, it was the sneaky Marcos interment.  And because of the Marcos family’s decision  to inter their non-hero patriarch in a piece of property labeled for heroes aggravated by a supportive president, this could be the monkey wrench that will potentially damage BBM’s presidential machinery.  (Marcos unusually small casket did not help)

Never give up on the youth…..  all of them will be voters soon.





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