Du30: Political Bully or Just Plain Cocky?

Du30, in a private party of supporters, warned the senate and congress not to investigate his executive decisions when it comes to crime fighting.

I could almost hear the moderates mutter; “did he just say that?”

Actually, it was me who said it.

Not even during the height of Marcos’ rule did you hear those words.  And at that time, we had a real dictator running the country on an extended stay!

So what gives?  Is Du30 a political bully or just plain cocky.

Being a bully involves guts. The bully banks on his physical size or the size of his followers to cajole the victim to do his own bidding.  He doesn’t care what others think just so he gets his way and he gets to humiliate a lowly midget just for kicks, literally and figuratively.

A political bully is more complex.  Yes, it involves guts and also banks on the size of his following.  But the difference is that, he knows (or has to know) the implications of his bullying tactics.

He knows that in doing so, he might turn off some of his followers.  But then again, with the mandate he got in the last elections, there will still be a lot left.  Not counting the political minions who follow him like he is the Pied Piper of Hamelin.  And if you happen to surf through twitter and Facebook, a lot of his followers, or at least the animated ones, are acting out as bullies themselves.  As an aside, I call them fanatics and not driven by the cause of change but rather by the cult of change.

As a political bully, he knows that in doing so, he might just help the cause of those who oppose him and will encourage others to join in.  Case in point: de Lima (de doce-12), Lacson and Hontiveros.  And this in turn will put his real followers in a politically incorrect position; Cayetano, Pimentel et al.

Both implications do not bode well for his coming administration. And that means, bad for us too, the citizens and especially more so those in the “laylayan ng ating lipunan” borrowing a quote from the coming VP.

However, I would like to think that this bullying has a far more deeper purpose.  And that is for him to push the envelope of his mandate and authority.  To see how far he can go and to see who follows him to the end.

Take for example his bold declaration that he will stamp out criminality in three to six months.  Any level-headed individual even with just a hint of logical thinking knows this is just plain impossible.  But what’s definite is that there will be drastic changes in the bureaucracy, just enough to see a mountain of difference from the current quagmire.

In management, (I run a small company so I can claim to have some idea on this theory, emphasis on “some”.) sometimes you have to push overly hard with the objective not of getting things perfect but to get a leap of change from your people never mind that you fall short of perfection.

By and large, after pushing the envelope, he might get everyone to work for him to achieve his goal but at the same time, he can get the opposition to work even harder to put some of his people in check.

This is important.

In  a political setting, a politician finds it hard to rebuff his people.  For the reason that he might lose some political clout especially if the subject has his own huge following.  this is especially true in local government politics which Du30 has had extensive experience.  And  in a national setting, this gets magnified several times over.

But if the subject gets rebuffed by someone other than him personally (say the opposition), either forcefully or publicly, the politician gets the privilege of not having to do it himself thereby not losing the political clout he would otherwise lose had he done it himself.

Initially, I thought that this guy is a looney for declaring those things this early.  But thinking about it (or at least rationalising it), this might just be something that can be plausible.  And doing it this early when he has yet to occupy Malacanang (well that’s another story–whether he will be IN Malacanang or Davao) means he will hit the ground running, politically, that is, come June 30.

Now, is Du30 cocky?  I guess I have said as much to prove that indeed he is!











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