BBM: We Wuz Robbed!

Call me biased but BBM appearing on television saying that he got cheated in the VP count is kinda chalk and cheese for me.

The most part of my growing up years I only knew one president, FM Sr.  FM Sr. was the ultimate macho politico.  You never see him mad nor scared.  Not even at the height of EDSA 1 and even when his debilitating disease was getting the better of him.

When he took his oath of office while EDSA was ongoing, all the rest had anxious demeanors, even BBM had a look of a kid about to be heartbroken (in military garb).  But not FM Sr.!

Fast forward 2016, BBM seem to be screaming “we wuz robbed!” I’m tempted to say, “how is it to be on the other side of the fence?”.  But that’s admitting that he was indeed cheated.  Maybe he was but then again, maybe he’s just paranoid.  But one thing is definite, the suit doesn’t fit him well.  Or maybe, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” would fit him better.

It’s pathetic as it is comical.


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