Binay: Smooth Operator

In the past months it’s been Mar vs Du30, Mar vs. Poe, Miriam vs. Everyone Else.  While they’ve been fencing, Binay has been groveling.  Hey, Trillanes may be the only one poking a stick on Binay.  But to whom is he not?

Result?  Binay has shot back up while Poe hits a moderate slide.  Du30 seemed to have hit a ceiling and has bounced down a bit.  Mar?  Oh well, he’s been consistent, let’s put it at that.  His ranking has depended on who slides or who shoots up, but numbers-wise—-consistent.

We’ve reached a point in the presidential campaign when platforms and programs are starting to matter.  Poe has been busy with her citizenship issues, not programs.  Mar has been busy with Du30 and vice versa.  And Du30 has also been cursing and mentioning human appendages while at it.  Miriam on the other hand, well, she’s been Miriam:  nose up but everything is still down.  All the while Binay has been busy with his programs which, in a nutshell, is tantamount to a fire sale of anything and everything.  And in the absence of any credible counter argument from any other presidentiable, the people have held on to his (Binay’s) promises as something credible.

It’s like 2013 part two.  Everyone else fights, while Binay crawls from underneath, consolidating his local machinery.  In the end, it’s not just about issues and mudslinging, hey, not even platforms and programs, it’s about ones soldiers in the battlefield being able to deliver the prize!  And with that, the Smooth Operator—Binay, may just have the V in his VP omitted!