From Pnoy’s Daang Matuwid to Du30’s PI Leadership

PI!  We first heard it from Mar.  Now we’re getting a confetti from Du30.  Hey, even the Pope was not spared.

Girlfriends?  Erap got them mansions.  Du30 got them boarding houses and an occasional tryist in motels.  Boracay mansion scandal?  We may have the SoGo scandal.  SO clean, So GOod—SOGO.

Credit goes to Du30’s ex-wife.  She “cut and cut clean” (borrowing Laxalt’s advice to Marcos in ’86).  Loi on the other hand, clung and clung clean!

Du30 is clearly the dark horse in the race to the presidency.  He’s our Donald Trump.  But this early, I am in the opinion that he seems running his campaign in a manner that he’s out just to crash and rabble-rouse the party without a clear intention to win it.

Much like what Manoling Morato did in ’98 when he exposed everyone’s skeletons.

In the end, Cayetano may just be spending the entirety of his campaign explaining for Du30’s unorthodox views.  Cayetano the helpmate instead of Cayetano the runningmate.

Now, is the electorate the better for it?  I think not.  Du30 should present his other abilities that go beyond crime fighting.

Davao has a good investor relations program that can be adopted or institutionalized nationwide for other LGUs to adopt.  They have a very efficient and modern emergency response network that is LGU-run which the other LGUs can emulate.  These programs extend beyond crime-fighting but are also of equal importance.

If Du30 can do those then this presidential run of his would get a legitimacy that it needs.  Then the electorate will be the better for it.


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