Kris the Bobotante

Kris Aquino said recently that she is still undecided on who to support; Mar Roxas, her brother’s chosen one, or GPoe.

She claims that she has become personally close to GPoe since they met and hit it off during the 2013 elections.  She further explains that Susan Roces, Gpoe’s mother “holds a very special place” in her heart.

She also made a similar claim about Binay, the VP.  She was reported to have said that he supports the VP to replace Pnoy come 2016.  The reason, she said was because “I like him. We like him. He’s helped us a lot. He is always there for us,” she said.


The so-called educated voters lament the power and the influence of the “uneducated” voters when it comes to elections.  And how easily they can be swayed with money and goodies, or at least the promise of it.  They are the best examples of patronage politics’ willing victims.  But not a lot have been said about so-called educated voters who vote like their “uneducated” counterparts.  Worse are those who wield a significant influence over a wide range of people of different demographics and social standing who are an even more willing victim or perpetrators of patronage politics.

Exhibit A:  Kris Aquino, Queen of all media.  As mentioned earlier, she may go GPoe because they are close and the mom is likewise.  She supports (or at least she used to) Binay to continue his brother’s legacy because he likes him and has helped him in the past.  Hello?!

I am not saying that he should support Roxas.  She can do whatever she pleases but given her influence over millions of people, from whom by the way, she has earned a pretty lucrative career for herself and her Bimby, she should be more responsible to her choices and the choice she chooses to announce to the public.

She should base her choices over a range of issues that concern the constituencies she has the power to influence.  It should not only be based on her personal reasons.  The former is being a responsible citizen, the latter is being selfish and myopic.

If we have a Kris Aquino acting like she did, who needs Bobotantes?


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