Kris the Bobotante

Kris Aquino said recently that she is still undecided on who to support; Mar Roxas, her brother’s chosen one, or GPoe.

She claims that she has become personally close to GPoe since they met and hit it off during the 2013 elections.  She further explains that Susan Roces, Gpoe’s mother “holds a very special place” in her heart.

She also made a similar claim about Binay, the VP.  She was reported to have said that he supports the VP to replace Pnoy come 2016.  The reason, she said was because “I like him. We like him. He’s helped us a lot. He is always there for us,” she said.


The so-called educated voters lament the power and the influence of the “uneducated” voters when it comes to elections.  And how easily they can be swayed with money and goodies, or at least the promise of it.  They are the best examples of patronage politics’ willing victims.  But not a lot have been said about so-called educated voters who vote like their “uneducated” counterparts.  Worse are those who wield a significant influence over a wide range of people of different demographics and social standing who are an even more willing victim or perpetrators of patronage politics.

Exhibit A:  Kris Aquino, Queen of all media.  As mentioned earlier, she may go GPoe because they are close and the mom is likewise.  She supports (or at least she used to) Binay to continue his brother’s legacy because he likes him and has helped him in the past.  Hello?!

I am not saying that he should support Roxas.  She can do whatever she pleases but given her influence over millions of people, from whom by the way, she has earned a pretty lucrative career for herself and her Bimby, she should be more responsible to her choices and the choice she chooses to announce to the public.

She should base her choices over a range of issues that concern the constituencies she has the power to influence.  It should not only be based on her personal reasons.  The former is being a responsible citizen, the latter is being selfish and myopic.

If we have a Kris Aquino acting like she did, who needs Bobotantes?


Eh Di Wow

Binay, true to form, lambasted former friend Pnoy and his administration.  Nothing surprising.  We’re in the political season already.  Every politician would jockey for position just before the filing of COCs and going into the campaign period where the campaigns and materiel will be relegated.  Right now it’s fair game.

I was having my physical therapy while listening to the TSONA.  Without the benefit of a pen and paper to jot down vital details of Binary’s speech, I will just be recalling from the top of my balding head.  He repeatedly said manhid and palpak.  Yes, that’s true in a lot of cases.  But wasn’t he a part of it for the past 5 years?  While before he used to applaud Pnoy and even complement him on his programs, why has he suddenly been the meanest and worst president in history?

He too pointed out that a lot of the programs of Pnoy emanated from the previous administration.  True.  It’s not a surprise since most of the Hyatt 10 who worked for GMA has moved on to Pnoy’s cabinet.  That Pnoy did not acknowledge GMA for the programs that Pnoy adopted is a case of billing problem.  It would be nice that Pnoy should have done so.  But it smacks of childish jealousy for Binay to have to point that out.  Like I said, like in the movies, the issue of billing is of primordial importance to superstars.  Micheal Douglas should be first then Al Pacino, that sort of billing.

“Buhay pa naman kayo di, ba?!”  I remember Pnoy saying this to a businessman who was insistent on the president to provide and establish better security in Tacloban.  But he never said this to refer to the starving and dying populace of Tacloban.  Saying this to that businessman may mean that he is saying it to people in similar circumstances.  But definitely not to all the rest.  The point to that statement was that Pnoy had other pressing concerns to address than to be held up by the businesses complaints on security.  Was it wrong for Pnoy to have said that?  Yes of course!  But to say that Pnoy meant it for the rest of Tacloban is just plain inaccurate or worse, malicious.

That video that showed Mar asking for a letter from the LGU of Tacloban.  Binay included it in his speech.  Binay said that Mar withheld help if the letter was not signed and sent to him or Malacanang because the mayor is a “Romualdez and the president is an Aquino”.  Help was already ongoing by that time.  Heck, Mar and Gazmin even picked up Mayor Romualdez after they chanced upon him in the streets walking, wet, tired and looking for his family.  Why Mar wanted that letter in the first place could be because of a number of reasons.  For one, it could be to lay out boundaries in accounting procedures for auditing purposes.  When the national government repairs an LGU facility, who does the liquidation?  The LGU or the DILG?  This can be a source wrinkle later on when one liquidates certain projects done by the other.  And since one is a Romualdez and the other an Aquino, this might become a controversy later.  I’m just hypothesising here.  Now was it prudent on the part of Mar to have endeavoured to asked for that document?  Probably yes.  Could it have waited for a few more days?  Definitely!  Was it insensitive of him?  Yes it sure was!  But did he withhold help due to the absence of the letter as what Binay has claimed in his TSONA?  I didn’t think so.  Admittedly however, the help that national government was able to deliver was just way too mediocre.  Now that’s another issue altogether.

He pointed out that the growth of the economy only benefitted a few.  I waited with baited breath for him to elaborate on the “few”.  Alas, he stopped short of naming them.  For doing so would violate his right to self incrimination.  I’m just being funny here.

He mentioned the PDAF and DAP.  He had those pork barrel funds himself before the SC ruling came out.  To his credit, he gave it up after the SC ruled on it.  So what does that say?  That it was ok until someone finds out about it then you declare and disown it?  At least the president was forthright in defending it even after the SC came out with a negative decision on the matter.  The former is hypocrisy, the latter is integrity or maybe just being plain stubborn.

And of course, he mentioned the SAF 44.  He enumerated all the 44 names, exalted them, thanked them and gave a snappy salute.  Well played.  He was on the dot when he said that Pnoy did not bother mentioning him in his SONA.  Shame on you Pnoy for not having done so.

But even more so to you Binay for using the death of the SAF44 to advance your political agenda.  You could have just mentioned their plight then went on your way, but you had to enumerate their names in such a solemn-like fashion and milked it for all its dramatic value to underscore your concern and sympathy and the lack of it by Pnoy and his admin.  All that was missing was the playing of TAPS.

When he said that Pnoys Sona was full of finger pointing to the GMA’s admin, he was exactly the same to Pnoy.  The worse part is that he was part of it for the most part of his term and until the last few days before his resignation and was even publicly yearning for his endorsement.  He sounded like a jilted lover.  Hell hath no fury like a Binay scorned!

Now let’s see in the next few days how his TSONA fared.  Will it be a success or a fluke.  And for his sake, he’s got to have a success after having numerous flops.

Sa pagbatikos at panunumbat ni Pnoy kay Binay…tatlong daliri naman ang nakaturo sa kanya.  Now replace Pnoy with Binay and vice versa.  Rings true, right?!

Scenarios 2016

So it’s official, Mar Roxas joins VP Binay int he presidentiables’ table.  We await the others particularly the decision of Sen. Grace Poe.

Let’s do scenarios.  Let’s limit the discussion between Mar, Binay and Poe.  Although Du30 may just decide to join the fray but from most indications, it is almost safe to say that he’s out or he’s safely in the distance to disrupt the three.  At least for the meantime.

I. Mar-X vs Binay-X

Both have the machinery.  Mar with LP and the entire government bureaucracy. Binay with his boodle fight gang (BSP, APO, Sister-cities).  Let’s call them even in this regard.  Mar is with Pnoy.  Binay is with …no one.  He should have an Erap with him but it seems Erap is playing his political cards with the endgame of either having his son Jinggoy getting exonerated or at least not being given a harsh treatment. But then, Binay is leading the surveys.  So i call this for Binay, slightly.

II.  Mar-Poe vs Binay-X

This should be a formidable team-up.  Poe is a cinch for the VP while Mar will be benefitted not only by party machinery and Pnoy’s endorsement, but also have an enhanced reputation due to Poe.  Binay is a known ally and friend of FPJ.  Having Poe with Mar would cement Binay’s reputation as being so corrupt and detestable that not even the daughter of his friend would touch him with a stick!  Advantage Mar.

III.  Mar vs Binay vs Poe

Status:  It’s complicated.  While Poe may have led the last survey, it is doubtful that she can sustain it.  When the race gets heated, Poe will be attacked with issues of competency, citizenship, and political experience all at the same time and from different camps.  One might argue that this was the same scenario with Cory Aquino; no experience in both governance and in terms of politics.  But then, that was a different time.  With this scenario, a Binay victory may be in the offing.  It’s ironic that the younger Poe may just become the Ping Lacson of his father’s run in 2004.  Recall that Ping Lacson insisted to run for president thereby dividing the opposition between him and FPJ.  In the end, GMA won by a million votes courtesy of hello garci. Had Ping given way to FPJ, GMA’s question to Garci “so, would i still win by 1 million?” would have been “so, would I still win?”  Of course, the same can also be said of Mar.  Either way, it’s advantage Binay.

VI.  Mar-X vs Binay-BBM (Bongbong Marcos)

This will be a challenge of packaging for Binay.  For one, he prides himself being a staunch advocate of Human Rights and his being incarcerated during the Marcos years.  And then here he is, teaming up with the son of the very person he fought against once upon a time.  They might call it “unity ticket”.  For me, they might as well call it “move – on team” or “team walang forever”.  Binay will lose the Mabini group and other like-minded individuals who are with him now due to his past advocacies.  He will lose his faction of the Cojuangcos who are still at odds with the Marcoses, except for one.  He will also lose the Mar-haters but who are as much Marcos-haters.  BBM will be forced into a situation wherein the infamy of his dad’s regime will be highlighted this early thereby jeopardising his future plans of running for the presidency, if ever and whenever.  This will also strengthen Mar’s cause as the issues against his enemy will be clearer:  Corruption and the creeping  return of the Marcoses.  Of course the Marcos loyalists will claim that they have the numbers.  Maybe.  But one thing is sure, those numbers have not figured in the surveys.  Chalk and cheese of a combination.  Advantage:  Mar

For Mar, he should do more to convince Poe to team-up with him or at least for her to stand down.  Poe should also drop Chiz.  Chiz is making things complicated.  He seems obsessed to make himself matter in the negotiations between Poe and Mar.  And for Binay, to try his best to not get indicted and worse, arrested.  It’s more fun in the Philippines, especially in 2016.