Binay Resigns, Finally!

In 2010, fresh from his electoral victory over Mar Roxas, Binay seemed to be like a fish in the sea.  What with Paquito Ochoa getting appointed as the Executive Secretary.  Ochoa is a NoyBi.  Sixto Brilliants in the Comelec (he’s a closet NoyBi, or Bi). and a host of other allies in various positions.  It was rumoured that he requested for the DILG portfolio.  He got the HUDCC and OFW Concerns instead.  Not bad considering both offices go straight into gut issues confronting the “masa”:  housing and migration.

Binay played his cards well through mid 2014.  Visiting provinces, distributing land titles, and I heard, at least in my town, had people in the public market line up to be given P500 each!  No, there was no boodle fight.  The place must be too cramped and too stinky for such an activity.

When he started to criticise the Pnoy government with that remark on inclusive growth, or something, I figured, he’s testing the waters for a possible break from the administration.  But boom!  It backfired.  To paraphrase what Pnoy said:  “You’re free to go, shorty! Anytime.”

Such is the dilemna of Binay!  He may have the highest approval rating in the administration but he can’t get a clean break from it lest his ratings fall.  And that’s where it becomes weird.  And the closer he gets to October (filing of COCs) and the longer the senate investigation lingers while AMLC, Ombuds, DOJ, etc is breathing down his neck, the pressure can be too strong to bear.  And now, the bow has broken.  He quits the cabinet.

For me, he should have quit during the height of the Mamasapano scandal.

For one, he should quit (as a cabinet official, but not as a vp)  if only to exhibit his integrity as a public official who has openly declared his presidential run come 2016.  This is as opposed to being seen as an opportunist incumbent official who is taking advantage of his position to campaign using state funds in the guise of “just doing his job”.  All the while leading a (loyal) opposition whose members openly condemn the administration he serves under.

Secondly, quitting at that precise moment would give him a stage to present his alternative style of governance as opposed to the current admin.  Also, at that moment, he would have a captive audience that could cheer him on willingly.

He missed that opportunity.  Of course, he could always say that he did not do so because he did not want to abandon the president during his most vulnerable of times.  Well, I thought he was just trying to act like a crying shoulder for a kolehiyala in deep sorrow.  But it seems, that kolehiyala didn’t need his shoulder, after all.  Pnoy has rebounded in the surveys, while Binay has floundered because of a mishandling of a foundling.  And him quitting now would look like he was a scorned playmate who left, crying because he lost a game of marbles.

One thing going for him though is Mar Roxas’ lethargic survey stats and Grace Poe’s vulnerability as a newbie.  Binay will bounce back.  He is a maverick.  He’s a tried and tested political warrior with powerful backers and and even bigger war chest.  Hail to thee for resigning!  But he should have done so earlier!


Torre de Manila, SC de Kutsilyo

Rightfully so, at least temporarily.  In Washington DC, buildings are restricted to be only up to 14 stories high.  They have a law for that.  A federal legislation enacted by the US congress no less.

Manila, for its part, has its own zoning regulations.  This “Terror in Manila” is clearly in violation of these regulations.  The former mayor and his council endorsed and approved of the project despite the violations.  Then came the next administration whom we know is lead by a convicted plunderer.  He stopped it, good, but only to approve of it again.

Sus, ginoo!  I was not born yesterday.  It would not be far off that some favours (read: cash) MAY have been in consideration to get the first approval.  And then, upon assumption of the new administration, again, we know it is lead by a convicted plunderer, MAY have wanted a piece of the action.  He missed it the first time, so how else can he get himself into the game?  How else but to call for a rematch!  LZBAA (Local Zoning Board of Assessment and Appeals).  The board that makes the illegal, legal by granting exemptions or variances (BAYARANses). Poor DMCI.  They’ve been suckered twice over.  Poor us.  We’ve been suckered yet again for the nth time.

Should the SC rule for an injunction of the project, the investigation and eventual prosecution for graft of the responsible officials should be pursued.  For one thing, the mayor (both the singkit and the bigote) should be investigated down to the vice (basura-boy) isko, then the councilors, on to the department heads.

To do so is righteous.  To stop short is hypocrisy.

And also, HLURB, what are you waiting for?  I-cancel na ‘to!

buena mano

I have been wanting to put up a blog for years.  I’ve been attempting to do so… for years.  Finally, my first post.  Now what is this blog all about?  Anything and/or everything that catches my interest.  Call this my personal journal; a timeline of moods and achievements (and non-achievements), sentiments (political, gastronomical, political…) and what have you.

I am a Filipino.  But I am a beloved son of America!  I like adobo, but a good old american bacon cheese burger with fries is my comfort food.  Banana republic 6041 is the name of this blog (or is it the site).  Banana Republic is how I describe a place labeled 6041.  No, not the shirt.

That should suffice for now.  More words to come in the coming weeks.  See you then.